There are 9 photo albums.

Uganda Trip August 2018
Our 2nd volunteer trip to visit Uganda and the Rainbow Hope Centre.


Easter Celebrations 2018
Here are some photos of the kids having fun and celebrating Easter.


With their Christmas Cards
Here are our children with the Christmas cards they were sent.


Uganda Trip 2017
In September 2017 a team travelled to visit the Rainbow Hope Centre. Here are some pictures (in no particular order) to give you a flavour of the trip


Easter Celebrations
We are so glad that Easter is a time of celebration at RHC as well. Again the kids had a treat and lots of fun.


Christmas Celebrations 2016
To be able to have the kids celebrating Christmas at RHC was an amazing thing considering that they had nothing before coming to us. You will see extra large portions which were all because of the season!


Vegetable Planting
Towards becoming a bit more self sufficient, the Rainbow Hope Centre plants its own fruit and vegetables. WE thought you might like to see how the latest (first) crop is growing. The kids are involved in the planting and harvesting, teaching them valuable skills!


The New Girl's Dormitory and Dining Shelter
Here are some pictures showing the latest building projects at RHC: The new girl's dorm and dining shelter!


Building the Centre
See the progress of the building work from start to finish